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The Best Makeup for Oily Skin

We all love shiny things; shiny hair, lips, nails, cars, jewellery; a shiny face, however, not so much. There’s a difference between a glistening, strategically placed highlight accentuating your cheek bones, and feeling like a slip n’ slide has taken up permanent residency on your face. 

While you may not be able to change your skin type; we’re here to help you make the most of the makeup products you need to combat oily skin. Read more.

Although you may not approve of your natural ‘gleaming’ complexion, studies have shown oily skin reduces your risk of skin sensitivities, dry patches and even go as far as suggesting people with oily skin are less prone to wrinkles as your skin produces healthy levels of protective sebum, resulting in the shinier than normal appearance. Win! While you may not be able to change your skin type; we’re here to help you make the most of the products you need to combat unwanted shine and the midday makeup meltdown.  


Invest in an oil cleanser 


An oil based cleanser for oily skin? We must be kidding, right? Oil based formulas can be an effective way to lift away and dissolve stubborn makeup or sunscreen or anything else sitting on top of your face, including excess oil. Unlike some cleansers which can be stripping or harsh, an oil cleanser will help to protect your skin's natural pH and protective barrier and maintain ample hydration.  


Use a primer before foundation 


Primer exists to help your makeup sync effortlessly with your skin, but what if your skin resembles the texture of a tub of margarine? In the case of oily skin, opt for a mattifying primer which works to create a blurred effect and keep your t-zone shine in check throughout the day. It’s about preventing the shine, not fighting it, beauties.  

Choose oil-free formulas 


When it comes to choosing a foundation, stick to oil-free formulas which won’t accentuate or add unwanted shine. A matte formula works wonders as there’s zero shine or reflective pigments. If you’re lucky enough to have relatively even skin tone, opt for a powder foundation which sets to a matte finish and won’t create additional shine or a dewy-like finish. Mineral-based formulas are also great to help mitigate shine.  

Lock in your base with a setting spray 


The best way to control unwanted shine and lock your base in place? No matter how much your T-zone thinks it’s time to shine, a matte finish setting spray is guaranteed to keep shine at bay all day (ok, how about this word rhyming though?). Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, close your eyes (and yo' mouth) and spray in a cross motion across your face - forehead to chin, then ear to ear.  

Check out our range of Makeup and or complete our Foundation Quiz to find which foundation is right for you.

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