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The Scoop with Model, Kate Bell

Model, yoga teacher and one of the kindest, calmest souls you’ll ever meet, we recently met Aussie model, Kate Bell on our recent Eye-Cons beauty shoot. Her tranquil presence and big, beautiful smile are infectious. Not only is she an inspiration for all women, but she’s also living proof that when it comes to beauty, age is no barrier.

Tell us a little about Kate Bell…

I grew up in a little place called Arcadia, Northwest of Sydney. I attended a public school and always loved swimming, running and being active (not much has changed). I love the farmers markets and ‘funny cooking’ as my guy likes to call my healthy kitchen wizardry. I love to read, write and keep company with positive people.


When did you begin modelling? Was it something you always wanted to do? 

I devoured magazines during my tween years and decided I wanted to work as a model when I was 13. I clearly remember a Maths Teacher in year 7 asking the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was shy so I had my ‘a primary school teacher’ answer ready but at the last minute ‘a model’ just jumped out of my mouth! 

At 17 I found out about an agency in a magazine, called them and we met. They wanted me to lose weight and start straight away, but I wanted to finish school first. So, I cut back on the fish finger sandwiches and in January 1987 at 18, I started working as a model.

A year later, I moved to New York and worked across the states through agencies in NY and LA. I was then based in Paris for a while but ended up working a lot in Germany and across Europe. I returned to Australia and good ol’ Bondi because I just love it so much.  

It wasn’t until my mid 40’s when the industry began to change and both fashion and beauty advertising was made to become more age inclusive and culturally diverse. By then my private yoga clientele base had grown to where it is now, and my two parallel careers meshed together.

What’s your beauty regime look like? Are you a beauty junkie or the simpler, the better kinda gal?  

I love skincare and like to try all sorts of natural ingredient-based products. I also love face masks. I believe regular exercise and swimming in the sea does our skin a whole lotta good. I’ve been pretty hopeless with the sun, so I’m covered in sunspots but hey, hindsight!

My daily beauty regime looks something like this: A hot shower, followed by a 3 minute cold shower (well that’s what I aim for anyway). Apply body oil - almond, black sesame - whatever’s on hand and then moisturise and prime my face.


You’re 52 and radiate from the inside out. What’s your secret?  

I don’t have one secret in particular. I care for myself, I’m happy and have had a hot Belgian artist by my side for the last 18 years. We live in Australia (what’s not to love!) and like to keep things simple. I believe when you’re happy on the inside, it shows on the outside.

They say wisdom comes with age; would you agree it’s much the same in order to feel confident in your own skin?

To be older and wiser, you first need to be young and dumb (I borrowed that from someone on Instagram). If you’re lucky enough to have made it to the second half of your life, you’ve figured out what works, and who and what doesn’t. It’s vital to garner self-acceptance through radical self-forgiveness; from this we become kinder to ourselves and others and THAT is the ultimate in my books. To be a kind, wise and confident human.

What’s one beauty trend you’d like to see make a comeback? 

I just love it how anyone can wear anything. It’s not age relative, or trend related - I love when everyone expresses their creativity and unique beauty in any way they wish.

If you could tell your younger self one thing when it comes to beauty, what would it be?

Wear a hat! 

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