Cleansing Muslin Cloths - Pack of 3

Remove the day's skin troubles with this gentle exfoliation skin-prep tool. Deep cleanse to revitalize the appearance of your skin and reveal a radiant complexion. Made from 100% pure cotton.

  • Muslin cloths can not only be used for the removal of makeup with the Napoleon Perdis Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and Makeup Remover as well as the Rebirth of Venus Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil, they can also be used in the cleansing process with the Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser. Wrap the muslin cloth around your four fingers holding it in place with your thumb, fold over the excess at the tips of your fingers into your palm
    to create a soft pad.
  • After applying cleanser to your face, rinse the cloth under hot water, wring out excess water and then hold the cloth over your face for a minute to steam the skin. The steam will open the pores and allow the skin to absorb the skin-loving ingredients within the formulation of your chosen Napoleon Perdis cleanser.

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