A non-latex sponge that’s softer than average for streak-free application. It features a versatile and edge-less double-ended stamp shape for dual-use. Use the large end to blend foundation and flip to the smaller end for effortless application of concealer, highlighter/luminizer and cream contour.
  • Achieve full, medium or light coverage by dampening the sponge with water or Moisture Mist for the benefit of its added ingredients, squeeze out any excess and dip into your foundation. 
  • Use the small end of the sponge to apply concealer.
  • Clean sponges regularly to prolong their life for up to 3 months. Run under water and squeeze out excess liquid, add a drop of shampoo and work into the sponge, rinse until makeup washes out and water runs clear. Squeeze in a towel then let dry naturally. *Do not spray with Instant Clean Brush Cleaner. 

Made of Synthetic Sponge. Latex-free.

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