This rock star line-up of ingredients is more likely to be found in your kitchen pantry than in your skincare regime, but that doesn’t make them any less efficacious. Napoleon Perdis is at the forefront of ingredient research, forever pursuing the latest and greatest. Here are some of his favourites:

Marshmallow Root – No we’re not talking about those little puffs of sugar you roast over a fire, Marshmallow Extract comes from the Althaea plant native to northern Africa, Europe and Western Asia. It’s oh so hot right now in beauty circles thanks to the skin care benefits it provides – traditionally used to treat skin burns and insect bites, today it’s been proven by scientific studies to possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects. Give it a go with Napoleon Perdis Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover.


Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover

Licorice Root – While the confectionary variety can be quite polarising, everyone can get on board with the skincare ingredient. This plant extract soothes skin thanks to one of its components, Glabridin - a potent antioxidant that’s made for sensitive, reddened skin. It’s also purported to help improve the look of an uneven skin tone. Napoleon Perdis is all over it with his Multi-Hydration Gel Cream.


Multi-Hydration Gel Cream

Donkey’s Milk – Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser is built on this super-ingredient, full of precious skin minerals like Selenium and loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin A which works to thicken and stimulate the dermis. As with other milks, donkey's milk contains Lactic Acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid, great for removing dead skin cells and improving the overall texture of the skin.

High Res Milk Cleanser(1)

Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser

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