From her impossibly high cheekbones, to her powdery blue eyes and pin-cushion plush lips – you get our drift – Adriana Lima is a total babe. And while the 45-year old Victoria Secret veteran is genetically blessed, she’s also spent countless hours in the makeup seat and knows her beauty stuff. From the product she applies right after waking up, to her fail proof pimple cure, read on for all the tips and tricks as told to

  1. “I wake up, and I put on sunscreen and then I go to work out right after, so I do not have a lot on my skin.” The supermodel is onto something, preventing damage before it even happens. Use Napoleon Perdis Multi-Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen daily to shield against harsh UV rays and hydrate your skin at the same time.

Multi-Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen Product 30mL Render

Multi-Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen

    2. “In Brazil we have this thing that we do – if you take toothpaste, the white one, and then you put it on a pimple, then during the night it dries out. Also you can put tea-tree oil on a zit; it dries it out faster. Just put it on during the night and then wash it off in the morning.” In the meantime, cover that blemish using a dab of Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Correct & Conceal + in green to counter the redness, before going over it with your concealer.

ProPalette Correct Conceal +, $60

Pro Palette Correct & Conceal +

3. “I have good eyebrows but I like to elongate them at the end to make them a little bit longer. But once I am in Miami, I am everyday with my children, so I like to use mascara and a lip balm. That's it. But if I go out at night I use a red lipstick. I am crazy for red lipstick…I don't do a liner with it. I am very good. When it's matte, when you apply it, it's easier for you.” We love the versatility of Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick in Veronica.


Mattetastic Lipstick in Veronica

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