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Our Creative Team

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Meet our troupe of talented makeup artists who bring the brand to life.


Name: Rebecca Prior
Title: Chief of Makeup Services/International Makeup Artist
Rebecca Prior never imagined during her time as a student at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Sydney that she would one day be criss-crossing the globe as an ambassador for the brand. After completing her Diploma in Makeup ten years ago, Prior has represented the company on TV sets, editorial shoots and made up celebrities including Tina Fey, America Ferrera and Kristen Bell. Prior also appeared with Napoleon on his TV Show Get Your Face On, which aired in the US in 2008 and in Australia in 2010.
Star sign: Cancer.
Inspired by: When it comes to makeup, I’m influenced by so many things but particularly art and, of course, fashion. Lately, I’ve love the work of Australian duo, Romance was Born.
Key products in your kit: It depends on what day of the week it is. At the moment I can’t live without Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation.
Essential tool: My 19b Foundation Brush that I have had for about six years and my 9a angle brush. To me the 9a is one of those tools that you would find in a secret agent kit— you can use it for almost anything.
Favourite feature: I really love skin. Working a flawless base that is fresh and natural is fundamental to any great makeup look. It’s what all women want.
Celebrity encounter: Chatting with Tom Hanks before the Emmys. He was such a doll.
Kate Squires
Name: Kate Squires
Title: Global Makeup Artist
Kate's evolution as an artist began at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Brisbane in 2003 when she then transitioned straight onto the retail floor to begin her career. Her (now) 12 years of brand experience has seen her work across retail, education and training, as part of the Creative Team and now as Napoleon's Global Makeup Artist. With passion for all things beauty and a strong editorial eye she thrives on working a look or product from concept to shoot, to store to customer, "I love that makeup has (nearly) no limitations where color and texture are concerned, your creativity is an endless adventure and if you make a mistake, just wipe it off and start again!"
Star sign: Aquarius.
Inspired by: Music is a huge inspiration, auditory stimulation can help you find your flow with the visual, and surrealism, my mind doesn't always contort the way a surrealist's can, so I find it hugely inspirational. 
Key products in your kit: Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser, Light Switch Luminizer Palette, The One Concealer.
Essential tool: Contour Brush 16b
My favourite feature: Facial structure; I love the power of a contour.
Best celebrity encounter: Martha Stewart, Liza Minelli and Miranda Kerr.

Anna Papadopoulos
Name: Anna Papadopoulos
Title: National Creative Team - NSW
Anna always knew from a young age that she loved makeup. She distinctly remembers the first time that she walked into the Napoleon Perdis flagship store in Paddington, at the age of 16 and Napoleon just happened to be in that day. "He introduced me to a new and exciting world and immediately I knew makeup was my future!". Anna has been with the brand for over 11 years and has had the privilege of working at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week, David Jones Fashion Launches, MTV Music Awards and Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
Star Sign:Taurus
Inspired by: Colours, nature,  and animals
Key product in kit: Camera Finish Powder Foundation and The One Concealer
Essential tool: 16r Sculpting & Contour Brush
My Favorite Feature: Skin and eyes.
Best celebrity encounter: Bushra Abdulla, Sophie Monk, Geoffrey Rush.

Tania Tiropanis
Name: Tannia Tiropanis
Title: National Creative Team - NSW
Tannia Tiropanis is known for her way with dramatic eyes. “I do love working them more than any other feature,” says the makeup artist who cites Sophia Loren as one of her all-time beauty icons. Tannia has toiled at a semmingly endless stream of fashion shows and events for the company. Her standout one? “Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.”
Star sign: Gemini
Inspired by: The international runways never cease to amaze me.
Key products in your kit: Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum, Camera Finish Powder Foundation and Eye Pencils.
Essential tool: Contour Brush 16b
Favourite feature: The eyes have it.
Best celebrity encounter: So many! Geoffrey Rush was a great make-up moment.

Tracey Zenatti
Name: Tracey Zenatti
Title: National Creative Team - QLD
After completing her Diploma of Makeup at Napoleon Perdis in December 2004, Tracey's career journey promptly began with the opportunity to work for the Napoleon Perdis concept stores in 2005. Her sheer passion, drive and motivation for the brand, soon lead her to become a Makeup Academy Trainer's in Brisbane. This was definitely the pathway to amazing beginnings! Once establishing a credible rapport as a trainer, her skills were quietly observed by non other than Napoleon Perdis himself.  Thanks to Napoleon, 2007 was the year she became the first Queensland-based National Creative Team Member! Along with this prestigious role came some of the most phenomenal and exhilarating experiences imaginable.
Star sign: Cancer
Inspired by: My fellow Creative Team members.
Key products in your kit: China Doll Eyeliner in Equinox for the perfect cat-eye.
Essential tool: G18 Synthetic Brush. I feel like I am painting on a canvas when using it.
My favourite feature: Eyes. Smoked or defined, I like both.
Best celebrity encounter:  Rachel Ward - she's still so gorgeous.

Shev Kelly
Name: Shev Kelly
Title: National Creative Team Victoria
Shev Kelly's career started as a Diploma student at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy where she quickly fell in love with the man and the brand. She the went to work in retail and learnt the value of being quick with her brushes. Her dream came true when she was chosen to be part of the Creative Team and she's enjoyed every minute since. She has experienced many highlights such as working closely with Napoleon at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, designing the looks for The Australian Ballet's production of Swan Lake and many celebrity encounters.
Star sign: Taurus.
Inspired by: I am in love with colour, fluro, pastel and anything bright. It makes the world a better place. I also take inspiration from street art, nail art,  and the amazing hairdressers we work with.
Key products in your kit: China Doll Foundation, Loose Eye Dust Honey Child, DeVine Goddess Lipstick Hess and Mighty Concealer Pen Mellow Yellow
Essential tool: Contour Brush 16b
My favourite feature: Skin. I love the look of a flawless complexion.
Best celebrity encounter: Usher, Chris Brown, Sting, The Pussycat Dolls, Amanda Bynes, Andre Leon Tally and Dianne Von Furstenburg.

Nicola Snell
Name: Nicola Snell
Title: National Creative Team - Victoria
Nicola Snell's career as an artist started at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Brisbane in 2004. After graduating from the Diploma Course, Nicola began working at a Napoleon Perdis concept store in Brisbane and then went on to be an Event Makeup Artist, where she fell in love with teaching clients how to shake up their makeup. In 2007 relocated to Melbourne to join the National Creative Team. Nicola has had endless opportunities working on events such as Australia's Next Top Model, Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and Australian Fashion Weeks. Snell has ventured overseas and locally to work with many Australian designers and VIP clients.
Star sign: Pisces.
Inspired by: My travels internationally, my team at Napoleon Perdis, and the small things that happen on a daily basis.
Key products in your kit: Light Patrol Luminizer Palette, Mesmer-Eyes Mascara, The One Concealer.
Essential tool: Contour Brush 16b.
My favourite feature: Cheeks: I love experimenting with bone structure and different textured products.
Best celebrity encounter: Miranda Kerr, Toni Collette, Claudia Karvan, Willem Dafoe, Sophie Monk.
Casey Malady
Name: Casey Malady
Title: National Creative Team NSW
Casey's career as a makeup artist was inspired by her background in Musical Theatre.  After studying at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy Melbourne in 2005, she joined the Napoleon Perdis team. She has worked along side Napoleon at  Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and David Jones Fashion Launches. In 2007 Casey ventured to Japan to work with photographers and stylists in a different culture, and has returned with an array of new techniques and ideas.  Career highlights include Napoleon's Masterclass and being mentioned on behalf of Napoleon Perdis in Vogue,  by the editor Edwina McCann.
Star sign: Capricorn
Inspired by: Woman's natural beauty.  Makeup is about enhancing what you already have and embracing your natural beauty.
Key products in your kit: Light Patrol Luminizer Palette, Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer, The Ultimate Contour Palette.
Essential tool: High Definition Foundation/Concealer Brush g20, Sculpting Brush 10r, Reflective Contour  Brush 20b.
My favourite feature: Skin:  When you have beautiful skin all other makeup falls into place.
Best celebrity encounter: Sophie Monk, Megan Washington, Erin Brochovich.
Juliet Holley
Name: Juliet Holley
Title: National Creative Team Qld/ Education Coach
Juliet Holley has been with Napoleon Perdis for almost eight years and during this time has had several roles within the company, working all over Australia. Starting as a Counter Manager in Myer, she moved on to become Head of Campus for the Queensland Academies, spent time in Sydney as a National Manager heading Creative Services and Education, and is also a long-standing member of the National Creative Team. Juliet has been involved in several events over the years including Australia's Next Top Model and the IF and AFI Awards. Juliet works very closely with Napoleon during his commitments in Australia and absolutely loves her job.  From the buzz of being backstage to sharing tips and tricks with customers and staff, Juliet feels truly blessed to have been able to make a career out of doing something she loves so much.
Star sign: Cancer
Inspired by: Music, fashion, pop culture, & street art.
Key products in your kit: Light Patrol Luminizer, Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum, Chocolate Ganache Colour Disc
Essential tool: 10r Sculpting Brush
My favourite feature: The eyes - nothing beats a sexy smoky!
Best celebrity encounter:  Kerrie-Anne Kennerley, Teresa Palmer, Keisha Castle Hughes, DJ Havana Brown, Olympian Sally Pearson & Miranda Kerr.
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